A 100% Dutch company: more quality and service

For 30 years, Esfo Metalbelts has been a 100% Dutch company. All development and production takes place at Esfo itself. This is unique in the world of metal conveyor belts, a market in which outsourcing abroad has led to an enormous loss in quality. Based on decades of experience, our skilled and qualified teams know exactly what they are doing. [about us]

Belt conveyor

A belt conveyor is a machine with a continuously moving looped belt or linked plates that transports packages or materials between locations. They are used in most industries, including meat, poultry, food, steel and pharmaceuticals. They can be made from various materials and may differ in specifications.


Conveyor belt manufacturer

Esfo is a unique organisation of renown as all conveyor belt development and production is situated in-house. In a market in which outsourcing to foreign countries has resulted in a substantial loss in manufacturing standards, we are proud of our commitment to high quality and excellent service as a leading conveyor belt manufacturer.


Stainless steel conveyor

Stainless steel conveyors are frequently used in environments that demand scrupulous cleanliness, therefore it is essential to keep abreast of technology in order to find the best solution for your product handling requirements.