Baking belt

baking-beltBaking belts are designed for industrial baking purposes, where large volumes of goods are to be taken through a feed-through oven on a production line. As such, baking belts are required to withstand high temperatures with the minimum of maintenance issues, whilst being compliant with food safety laws where applicable.

baking belts  in food industry

Although baking belts are primarily used in the food industry, there are other applications where they are used, for instance, in industrial coating applications, as well as heat forming.

Production line belts need to be suitable for the set-up of any industrial operation, so a selection of different belts need to be available in order to form a production system. These belts will include radius belts, to enable the production line to change direction to take account of the space available, as well as different constructions of belts depending on materials transported, and the type of production taking place.

biscuit baking belts

In baking applications, different belts may be needed at different stages of production, for instance biscuit baking belts are usually carbon steel, designed to withstand temperatures of up to 275 degrees Celsius whilst allowing good air flow. They also provide good heat inertia properties in order to ensure an even bake. Other belts, such as enrober belts, are of largely open construction in order to allow air to circulate, for instance, where cooling is required after baking. Baking belts are suitable for the transportation of hot goods at any point in production, with heat inertia properties ensuring the safety of production line staff.

Baking belts construction

The type of construction of baking belts can be varied to allow safe and easy loading/unloading of hot items, whilst ensuring quick cooling of trays and other equipment after the baking process. Baking belts for food are designed to be easy to clean, to reduce production downtime, ensure good hygiene and to avoid food becoming trapped in the mechanism.

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