Baking Belt – Baking Band from Esfo – ideal for processing potatoes

baking-beltEsfo is the premium supplier of custom-designed metal conveyor belts, baking belts, baking bands, e.g. Wire Mesh belts, Spiral Wirelink belts and Eyelink belts. Baking belts by Esfo offer the perfect solution for those in the food processing industry. Baking belts are designed for a number of heavy applications and excel in processing potatoes and baking chips.

Esfo: Custom fit baking belts, easy and safe transport

Esfo understands the use of sustainable, long-lasting wire belts is of the utmost importance when processing large amounts of potatoes. Hence, Esfo is proud to be premium supplier of baking belts, as they come with excellent heat withstanding properties and require a minimum of maintenance. Construction and size can vary and be customized to fit your specific needs. All baking belts are designed to ensure easy and safe transport of yourhot products.

Baking belt bands – Easy to clean and maintain

Esfo manufactures baking belts that are extremely easy to clean and maintain; highly significant qualities to those processing food on an everyday basis. Our baking belt is extremely powerful and has a high flow-trough, the perfect partner for the most demanding tasks.

The benefits of a baking belt by Esfo:

  • A hygienic, easy-to-clean baking band
  • Efficient; reducing production downtime
  • Resistant-to-wear, high-quality belt

Esfo baking belts are specifically made to comply with current standards in food safety. Other types of belts such as Sorting conveyors, Bake Oven Belts, Steam Heated Bands and Elevator Belt Conveyors can complete your production line. Here at Esfo, we are happy to advise you about a belt that will benefit your company. Please contact us by Phone: +31 (0)53 43 00 860 or via email.