Blanching conveyor belt

Blanching is an important industrial process which has a great deal of applications in these modern times. Some common examples can be seen within the food industry. Tastes and colours can be altered by immersing a substance in boiling water for a brief time only to be then plunged into ice water. Foods that undergo the blanching process on an industrial scale include almonds, asparagus and cabbage. However, blanching is also employed in metallurgy (such as within the coinage industry) to whiten the metal in question. So, it is apparent that blanching conveyor belts can be an integral part of many commercial and industrial plants. Let us take a look at some designs and what each has to offer.

Ladder Belts

As the name hints, ladder belts are formed much in the same way as the rungs of a ladder. They are propelled by sprockets and due to their robust design, customers will enjoy a maintenance-free quality which allows this variant to last for a considerable number of years. Alongside washing and cooling systems, these conveyor belts are commonly used in the blanching process.

Wire Link Belts

As with the ladder belts, wire link belts are quite durable and will provide years of continuous operational use with little involved maintenance. The structure of the belt is composed of small strips of metal which are fashioned together in a flexible manner. Different edges such as chains, rollers or welded varieties will likewise serve targeted transportation purposes. This is another common form of blanching conveyor belt.

Plastic Modular Belts

This lightweight option serves a number of purposes such as cooling, washing, drying, sorting and blanching. The two main materials used in its construction are either polypropylene or polyethylene. Roller edges or welded sides will provide the belt with its overall strength and modular flights can be placed within its sections when intended for sorting processes (amongst other needs). Due to the lightweight nature of this substance, speeds of up to fifteen metres per minute are able to be achieved. These belts are also commonly used within the waste treatment industry.

These are only three of the examples of blanching conveyor belts that we are happy to supply to a growing number of customers. These and other types of transportation services are currently available and thanks to modern technology, both efficiency and reliability are two of the amenities that clients will be able to enjoy.