Drying belt conveyor

About Us

Esfo is an esteemed Dutch company that has been operational for over 30 years, committed to bringing business owners a professional service and a standard of drying belt conveyors to be proud of. Since starting out, the company has always been characterized by an emphasis on bringing quality back into the industry of metal conveyors, building and inspecting each component at their home factory, thereby avoiding any compromise in standards that sometimes comes from overseas outsourcing. With decades of experience providing a foundation, their highly skilled, dedicated and qualified teams use everything at their disposal to never disappoint a client. Every separate part of the manufacturing and testing processes are conducted in-house, under the supervision of experienced industry experts, ensuring they get the reliability and high standards they feel their clients deserve. Though conveyors may be overlooked in the chaos of running the business, Esfo invests tremendous confidence in its work, and are proud to stand behind a consistent record of customer satisfaction.

From Plan to Progress

Through the years, Esfo has grown to have a vast network of clients, but has paid particular attention to smaller businesses, and first-time buyers of heavy industrial machinery. After the prompt production and delivery of their drying belt conveyors, Esfo makes sure there is a phase where advise is readily available to their clients, ensuring no customer’s particular needs are left unattended. When a new prospective client shows interest in the company’s prestige, professionals at Esfo assess the query specifically, making sure the product is tailored to the customer. As a result, the conveyor will last much longer in any specified production environment, and will add as much speed and convenience to any business as possible.


Esfo takes great pride in the overall quality of their products, but also in the sheer speed with which they operate. In fact, with certain countries bordering the Netherlands, they can produce 10-metre long conveyors, always up to the same great standards, and dispatch them the next day! This incredible efficiency means that if a conveyor unexpectedly breaks down, Esfo will act instantly to deliver a replacement, guaranteeing a safeguard for the consistency of clients’ production.

An Exciting New Market

Besides industrial and food production, Esfo has an increasingly large customer base of architects, who have found uses for their metal conveyors in eye-catching details on building designs.