Eyelink Belt

Eyelink belts offer an excellent combination of stability and robustness with a flat surface area. Eyelink belts are perfect for conveying fragile products and heavier loads. Below you can find some of the major advantages of using Eyelink belt for your production processes.

Eyelink belts are suitable for a wide range of applications and process. Some of the processes that use these types of belts include washing, freezing, cooling, cooking, blanching, deep-frying, pasteurizing, sterilizing, filtering, wrapping, packing and cooling. In addition to food services Eyelink belts are also used in a many different industries.

Eyelink belts from Esfo

Reduced marketing and consistent production

Eyelink belts provide good support throughout the production process. This means a consistent end product. The belts also result in very minimal product marking. This makes them safe to use in a wide range of applications. These belts will run straight which makes it perfect for consistent production flows and hands off supervision.

Robust eyelinks belt with excellent lifespan

Because of the high quality steel and robust construction of these belts they have an particularly long life span. This is the case even when they are exposed to heavy loads and used on a constant production line. The stainless steel construction means that they are highly resistant to freezing, frying, blanching and broiling. This flexibility is why they are used in such a wide variety of food production processes. Eyelink baking belts can also be made fromĀ  hardened steel material for extra long life

Very good drainage

Draining on this type of belt for both fluids and solids is very good. This ensures that the different parts of the processing on the belt do not negatively effect one another.

Single layer belt

Eyelinks belts use a single layer. This eliminates the tunneling effect which can occur with some other types of belts. When you use an these belt you can be sure that products and parts will not become caught between belts. The belts also feature a very flat surface which mean that products placed on the belt stay flat and consistent during the entire production and packaging process.

Suitable For Very Small Products

These belts can be used even with very small products. Eyelink belts with extremely flatted eyes are available which reduce the opening between the links. Even tiny and finely structured items will not be able to escape through these small openings.

Easy To Repair

The modular construction of eyelink belts make them easy and quick to repair. Individual module, bar links and rods can be replaced without having to disrupt the entire line.