Freezing belt

The safe and hygienic cooling of food is essential to the food production industry. Where production takes place on a large scale, cooling needs to occur quickly in order to maintain production levels.

Quick cooling is even more essential where the food items need to be frozen post production. Finding methods of cooling that involve less handling of the product, in terms of transportation between creation and cooling, is also essential. A simple and cost effective solution to both problems is to invest in a freezing belt.

What is a freezing belt?

Put simply, the product is a conveyor belt of chain link and cross rod construction. It is constructed with the use of computer-controlled welds that provide it with a high level of stability, even at extreme temperatures. The welding process is completed with minimal heating; this creates smoother joints and ensures that the cross rods maintain their shape. Construction methods mean that the thickness of the spiral pitch and spiral wire can be changed to meet the individual needs of the purchaser. The belt can also be created in a large array of widths, from 350 mm to 1500 mm.

What are the main benefits of this technology?

The construction techniques used in the creation of the belt mean that it can be used in temperatures ranging from -196˚C to +275˚C. The temperature range makes it the perfect vehicle for transferring cooked food directly into cold rooms or freezers. It can also be used in cooling towers and spirals. The chain link construction ensures that air can circulate around the product allowing it to cool or freeze evenly.

Additional reinforcing links can be included in the construction to increases the scope of technology’s uses within the food industry.

Additional benefits and purposes of the technology

The careful construction methods and high-quality materials mean that the product has a long working life. The use of stainless steel in its construction minimizes its maintenance requirements, meaning less down time and improved return on investment.
The changeable speeds provide greater control for the user and increase the range of uses for the belt. A simple change of speed means that it can be used just as easily for products that need to be cooled more slowly as for those that need to be flash frozen.

Freezing belts are a simple and effective solution to the transport and cooling of a wide range of items, particularly in relation to the food industry.