Fryer Belts by Esfo: adapted to your specific needs

Esfo is the premium supplier of custom-designed metal conveyor belts and fryer belts, e.g. Wire Mesh belts, Spiral Wirelink belts, Eyelink belts.Esfo offers you a wide array of fryer belts, adapted to your specific needs. Fryer belts produced by Esfo are used to process a variety of foods in hot oil. Examples of these foods could be:

  • poultry, meats
  • potatoes
  • egg rolls and pizza rolls

Fryer beltBy customizing the measurements of your belt we provide you with a personalized processing solution for your range of products.

Fryer Belt minimizes oil problems

Esfo’s fryer belt can increase productivity and reduce costs by ensuring a smooth flow of products and minimize oil problems. Furthermore, fryer belts from Esfo function extremely well in high temperatures and can benefit your organization’s efficiency.

Esfo Fryer belt: Complying with highest food standards

Esfo’s solutions are always in compliance with the highest standards such as GMP, FDA and 1935/2004/EC. Hygiene is of extreme importance in your area of expertise. Esfo helps you to comply with all standards at minimum cost.

Implementing a fryer belt in your production line

Your production line may consist of different types of belts during different stages, such as Baking bands, Frier bands, Betterbands, Elevator belt conveyors and Steam Belts. Esfo can help you implement a fryer belt and offers you various types of premium field services.

The benefits of Esfo service professionals:

  • Esfo offers professional aid installing and/or commissioning belts
  • Esfo is keen to resolve any issues with your production line; ensuring minimum downtime


Esfo service

Curious to know how Esfo can help you improve your organizational efficiency? Find out more about the possibilities by contacting us by phone on +31 (0)53 43 00 860 or via e-mail.