Conveyor belt food industry

Often called the workhorses of material handling systems, food industry conveyors are horizontal, vertical or inclined machines that are used to move materials from one point to another. Conveyor belts food industry can be used to move products through the manufacturing process in an automated way.

Food Industry

Conveyors can securely move products between different levels. When this task is completed by people it can be arduous and costly. Conveyor belt food industry can be installed nearly everywhere to move foods of various sizes, shapes or weights. In food processing plants, conveyors may be employed in a number of ways such as moving raw materials into storage devices, transporting raw materials from storage devices onto production lines for blending, batching and processing, transporting the completed food items onto the packing line and then moving the packed products to shipping.

Sanitary Design

Conveyor belts food industry used for food production must be designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with established sanitary design practise. As with all equipment used in food production, mechanical conveyors must meet current government manufacturing standards which call for corrosion resistance and smooth contact surfaces, installed in a manner that facilitates cleaning and inspection.

Conveyor Belts

Conveyors belt food industry are popular for both the processing and packaging of food products. The continuous smooth surface of a belt is perfect for food handling. Belts used for food applications must be made of resistant, durable materials such as rubber, steel or other materials that are suitable for use with food products and can be easily cleaned.