Conveyor belt manufacturer

For more than three decades, Dutch company Esfo Metalbelts has specialised in the field of conveyor belt manufacturing. Esfo is a unique organisation of renown as all conveyor belt development and production is situated in-house. In a market in which outsourcing to foreign countries has resulted in a substantial loss in manufacturing standards, Esfo Metalbelts is proud of its commitment to high quality and excellent service as a leading conveyor belt manufacturer.


Our thirty years of expertise and experience as a conveyor belt manufacturer enables Esfos’ qualified teams to respond quickly to fulfil your requirements. We are flexible on rush orders and able to make adjustments as necessary during production. In-depth consultation is a prerequisite before delivery of the conveyor belts in order to clearly define your needs. A detailed list is compiled based on your technical specifications, planning and budget, followed by tailored advice on choosing the best metal conveyor belts for your business.


The complete production process for the manufacture of our guaranteed, reliable and high-quality metal conveyor belts is conducted under Esfos’ own in-house supervision, without any outsourcing whatsoever. This way, we can guarantee the end quality of our products, and we are proud to take full responsibility as a conveyor belt manufacturer. Our personal advice ensures that your choice of metal conveyor belt will be far more durable in use, and we can also assess your current metal conveyor belts and provide detailed reports on their condition, including advice on replacement, if needed.


Fairness and a trusting relationship are just as important as meeting deadlines and quality standards at the highest level. Our customers can rest assured that we keep our promises. In addition to attention, advice and quality, as an esteemed conveyor belt manufacturer Esfo Metalbelts also guarantee superior delivery.