Radius conveyor belt

Radius conveyor belts are designed for trouble free conveying in curved applications. The belts can be used in both straight and radial applications.


Radius conveyor belts are comprised of cross rods, woven spiral mesh and chain links on either side. They are appropriate for a broad range of applications, constructions and processes. Radius belts provide a continuous smooth product flow that runs reliably all year round without damage to delicate and fragile products. Radius conveyors are constructed to alter the direction of products without changing their position on the processing line, therefore adding flexibility to the system.


Radius conveyors can operate independently or as part of an integrated conveying system, custom designed and built to provide a highly reliable, clean solution to changing direction on the processing line. The radius belt is a a conveyor belt with great versatility that is designed for many uses. It is ideally suited for cooling or freezing products such as snacks, bread, cakes, vegetables, potatoes, fish or meat, as well as proofing dough or blanching vegetables. The radius conveyor belt can be used in rotary systems, spiral towers and also in straight or curved conveyors.


The radius conveyor belt is constructed from cross bars with chain links on either side, and is equipped with a balanced woven spiral mesh. The pitch and thickness of the spiral wire can be selected as required, giving the option of optimum band support. The belt can also be equipped with cleats and reinforced plate links for conduction. Belts can also be manufactured in widths between 350 and 1500 millimetres, and bespoke belts are available on request.