Stainless steel conveyor

Stainless steel conveyors are frequently used in environments that demand scrupulous cleanliness, therefore it is essential to keep abreast of technology in order to find the best solution for your product handling requirements.

Food Processing

Stainless steel conveyors ensure chemical and corrosion resistance and durability throughout the system. They are optimum for the transport of items that require heating, drying, cooling and freezing that is not possible with plastic or rubber belts. Stainless steel belts also inhibit infestation and growth of bacteria, enabling direct placement of food onto them. The steel belts allow for a minimal drive or tail roller dimension of 80 millimetres, allowing for the smooth elevation of foods along with a compact layout.


Stainless steel conveyor belts do not deteriorate or wither when cleansed or sterilised with alkaline chemicals or very hot water. Food odours and dyes can be easily washed from stainless steel belts and products can be carried without risk of contamination. Coatings do not peel or chip, and belt edges do not fray, therefore eliminating the possibility of degradation from foreign materials. The belts are easy to clean, therefore less labour and time intensive, along with water saving.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyors deliver completely automated systems with sanitation a primary factor, aimed at the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food sectors, manufactured in stainless steel with anti bacteria belts. Sanitation in the field of food processing can be complex, and stainless steel conveyors are extremely hygienic, complying with sanitation specifications via a range of high quality conveyors that meet individual requirements.