Modular plastic conveyor belt

A Brief History:

Conveyor belts have been around in one form or another since the early 1900’s. The modular plastic conveyor belt however, is the new kid on the block, having been invented a mere 40 plus years ago.

In a world where automation plays a large part in all types of production, conveyer belts are an integral part of the system. The utilisation of plastic as a part of these systems opened up areas of production not well suited to standard belting systems.

Uses over Standard Conveyer Belts:

The advent of the modular plastic conveyor belt; opened up areas of certain production techniques, which required greater maintenance down time when standard belting was used.

Such areas include blanching systems, cooling systems, washing systems, drying systems, sieving systems, waste treatment, sorting systems, food production, and certain product handling systems.

Plastic Belting:

The modular plastic conveyor belt is produced from either polyethylene (blue) or polypropylene (white) plastic. Each module is 14mm thick and 100mm long. Every part of the system is produced from these plastics, including hinge rods, and plastic sprockets.

The beauty of this modular all plastic system, is it can be installed in almost any size to suit any business. Plastic means corrosion and abrasion resistance; with low friction, high strength positive drives. The benefits become more obvious over standard conveyor belts, when one begins to factor in maintenance down times and cleaning costs: and the cost of renewing corrosion and abrasion worn parts.

A Large Configuration of Styles:

Designed to accommodate a large variety of product applications, plastic conveyors are available in many different configurations. Straight belts with flat tops; raised rib for additional stability; flush grid, or perforated flat top, where airflow or drainage is a prime consideration are a few. Open hinge for easy cleaning in food production, friction top for inclined systems, and roller top for low pressure applications are a few others.

The Solution to Your Problems:

The versatility of modular conveyor belting, and number of different configurations available, ensures the unique requirements of your particular system will be met. Factor in your current maintenance costs, and loss of production due to cleaning down time, and then contact us today. We are more than happy to discuss how your productions lines can be made more efficient; and become a more cost effective area of your operation.